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Visits Derventa

Due to friendly librarian on the department for adult, they found out information about activities of University library Branko Radicevic. It is important to mention that blind students from the centre of Future Derventa are included in activities of this cultural institution through competitions in recital and public reading of books.

In the museum situated in the building of the library, they could experience exhibits from ethnology and archeology collection. They also met artist Sasa Bogdan in his atelier. He introduced guests his work.

The president of association for the blind, Dzordzo Nikolic informed them about history of organization with long tradition. He expressed his readiness for future cooperation and visit to Tuzla.

During visit of religious objects, catholic and ortodox churches and mosque, they could inform about history of these religious objects which many of them visited for the first time.

They saw the president of disability organization Bios plus Darko Tadic an Tatjana Spasojevic, the president of the association of parents of children with disability the Sun in their rooms.


The program i ended by presence of eleventh musical competition of the blind from Republic of Serpska which took place in evening hours.

We appreciate efforts of the Centre Future Derventa stuff, who designed whole program and gave us unforgettable experience. We talked about future cooperation and responsive visit in February next year.