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The project for improvemen access t museums for the blind presented on the International conference in Kosovo

The project Etnology on fingertips, implemented by the Museum of East Bosnia in cooperation with the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla was presented through out workshop designed by Vesna Isabegovic and Natasa Peric, curators in the Museum of East Bosnia and Tifa Tucic. After the presentation of project results, participants got instructions to describe a certain exhibits. They got feedback from present blind person about her understanding of the description. Museum professionals asked Tifa Tucic questions about the way of exhibit description and importance of a certain details including colours.

After the workshop, participants shared their experience regarding to accessibility. Museums from Negotin and Bitola implemented the project on this topic. The Centre for documentation from Zagreb issued publication about the way of museum adaptation for persons with disability.

Experiences could help to Museum of East Bosnia in improving access for persons with disability.