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Important meeting for the blind took place in the ministry of labour and social welfare of Tuzla canton

-        That the government of tuzla canton make decision that publishers have to give their textbooks in electronic form for blind and partially sighted students and

-        That the ministry of education give instruction to all schools that visually impaired students could use laptops during lessons as enabling aids in order to improve access to education.

Ministers showd their readiness to find adequate solution for providing accessible textbooks for visually impaired students.

The meeting resulted by the following conclusions:

-        Within the period of 15 days, the ministry of education will look from schools information about visually impaired students number. The Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla and Association of the blind Banovici will give the ministry their data how they could compare them with the data from schools.

The following meeting will take place on Aprile 25th 2017 at the same place.