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Results of research about violence against children presented in Tuzla

 Research for Tuzla City was conducted by the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla. Data for previous four years were collected from the beginning of Aprile to the end of August 2017 on the bases of indicators made by professionals.

The majority of institutions took part with respect of answering questions from their field of responsibility. The children participated through out focus group of visually impaired students from 12 to 17 years old, who attend regular primary and secondary schools. 50% of focus group members are included in social activities (the Theatre for youth, folklore, assistive technology, etc.). They consider that the problem lies in the family and that punishment is not good way of behave with violent person. Students, violent persons should get opportunity to participate in school projects, as well as sections, sport, etc.

The program for violence prevention exists in primary and secondary schools as a part of school program.

Tuzla City adopted Protocol of interventions in case of domestic violence which defines roles and tasks of institutions in charge in solving problem of violence. Students know whom to inform about violence. Schools organize educational workshops for parents with the topic of violence.

Hearing of children is organized by regulations in adequate room in attendance of psychologist and social worker.

Data in Centre for social care are protected.


Suada Selimovic, professional in the ministry for social care of Tuzla canton and Sonja Brcaninovic addressed to research. Mrs. Selimovic suggested that the Association submit the results of research to ministry for social care how they could use the document for making new plan of action against violence for Tuzla Canton.

Mrs. Brcaninovic gave a short overview to activities which the Centre for social care conducts in struggle against violence.