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Realization of joint activities with The faculty for Special education

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The Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla has recently signed Agreement on cooperation with the Faculty for education and rehabilitation from Tuzla. The association cooperated with this institution but both sides expressed readiness for advancement of cooperation.
The main topic of meeting between representatives of the association, president Tifa Tucic and Managing board member Mihovil Lucic and PH Amela Teskeredzic, chair person of department for visual impairment was the position of blind people in society. Mrs. Teskeredzic expressed readiness to participate in activities of the association and help as much as she can. Short time plan of priorities was made with active role of students.
Regular session of the association's assembly took place on Saturday on March 31
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On March 31, (Saturday) regular session of the Association's assembly took place. The following Agenda for the Assembly is suggested and accepted:

The International women's day celebrated in the association of visually impaired citizens
102 0040Each year, the International women's day, March 8th is celebrated in the Association of visually impaired citizens by lectures for members on certain topic or by the party. This year the party was organized in the association on March 8th. More than 30 members accepted invitation and came to the party. Sponsors of the event were: flower shop Strelicija, cake shop Sarajka, the place where ?evap?i?i are made and eaten Sarajka and the restaurant Stara ?esma. Complete activity was based on voluntary work. 
The Association of visually impaired citizens celebrated white cane day

Every year, blind organizations all over the world celebrate the International white cane day, October 15 with different activities. The Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla is not exception.

Picnic to Majevica mounting

Sport and recreation play a important rule in blind people's life. They are integral part of each annual program of the association. On the bases of members of the association needs, from September 2011 the Association of visually impaired citizens organizes walks on closer places during weekends when there is no rain.

Celebrating new year with major

Every year mayor of Tuzla Jasmin Imamovic donate new year presents for blind children and children of blind parents. On the december 29. 2011. Mister Imamovic visited the association with his coworkers and donated 40 new year presents.

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