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Visits Derventa

Within the project Step forward for visually impaired youth through out interethnic cooperation, 18 October 2016, group of young members o Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla, their parents, activists and volunters visited Derventa. Their hosts were director of the Centre for children and youth with developmental impairments the Future Derventa, Vladan Popovic and scial worker, Maja Celar. One day program was various and interesting.


They perambulate boarding school and acquainted the way of work with students with disability and exchanged experiences about textbook adaptation in alternative format.

The International white cane day cellebrated by tactile exhibition

Within the project Ethnology on finger tips which Museum of East Bosnia implement in partnership with the Asociation of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla, on October 13 2016, in the museum of East Bosnia opened tactile setting of exhibition of ethnology collection. Cause for organization of this activiti is celebration of International white cane day as well as making museum's art and cultural inheritance accessible to visually impaired persons. Exhibits include: man and woman's apparel, jewelry, dishes and furniture from the end of 19 and beginning of 20 century in Tuzla. Bosnian room is particularly interesting. Brochure with more detail information about exhibits is printed in Braille. Bar code reader were used for getting informations about exhibits in audio format.

The week of the child celebrated by cultural and artistic program

On October 7 2016, cultural and artistic program took place in Primary school Miladije regarding to celebration of the week of the child. The aim of the event organized by Primary school Miladije and the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla was advancement oof integration between children with and without disability and promotion of their abilities. This is one of many their common activities organized in the last few years.

The International chess tournament for visually impaired persons

On October 1 2016, after the pause of few years, the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla organized the International chess tournament regarding to liberation of Tuzla city. Four teams from Vukovar, Zvornik and Tuzla took part. The second team of host organization was consisted of chess player without experience on competitions. They played by Berger, half an our for player. Chess referee from Tuzla, Halid Dzindo umpire.

Organized second youth camp for blind and partially sighted persons

Wisually impaired persons, particularly youth who live in rural area are marginalized in their families and in society. Programs for young people are not open for them and don't take into account their needs and problems. Till last year, camping was almost imposible for the most of them.

Guided by positive experience and increased interest, from July 30 to second August 2016, with support of Rotaract Tuzla 99, the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla organized second youth camp for blind and visually impaired with the name of Rotary SloBiHIta. In the name of the camp are first letters of camp equipment donors countries and the country host.
30 younng people with and without visual impairment took part at the camp on the lake Goransko, including members of host organization and their assistants, members of the Association for the blind Doboj and activist of Rotaract Tuzla 99.

The third International tournament in audio darts

With support of Srebrenik municipality and Lions Club Tuzla, the Association of Visually impaired citizens of Tuzla organized third International tournament in audio darts on June 2th and 3th 2016 in Orion motel Ormanica. The aim of event was regional coordination and promotion of audio darts which become more and more popular in circles of the blind in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Six teams from Osijek, Vinkovci, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zivinice and Tuzla took part. The team consists from four competitors - two blind and two partially sighted. They played by Berger in five round.

The visit of National and Historical museum in Sarajevo

Within the project Improvement of access to museum and theatre art for the blind funded by federal ministri of culture and sport, the group of members of the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla visited National and Historical museums in Sarajevo on Aprile 27 2016. Fifty blind and partilly sighted persons saw three departments, as well as botanical garden. Their hosts were custodians Samir, Ana and Nermina.

Educational workshop for regular school's pupils

On invitation of the Association of International open schools MIOS from Tuzla, activist of the Association of visually impaired citizens Mihovil Lucic on April 5th 2016 organized educational workshop for pupils of second class of Primari School Sjenjak with the topic of approach to blind and partially sighted persons. Similar workshops mainly were organized in regular primary and secondary schools at the area of Tuzla canton attended by blind and partially sighted pupils. This activity was adapted to participant's age. The ways on which blind pupils study were presented them through out game. They had an opportunity to see Braille letter in the book and alphabet writen on paper. and laptop with speech output. They asked questions which shows their interest for the topic. Mihovil invited them to visit the Association with their teacher.

Team from the Centre for mental health visited the Association

The team from the Centre for mental health from Medical centre Tuzla consisted from social worker and two nurse visited the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla on April 7th 2016. Guests were informed about activities in this organization. Representatives of the Association informed them about barrier confronted by visually impaired women regarding to appointment with gynecologist. They can not provide assistant when they need it. They showed interest for problems and needs of visually impaired persons, focusing on access to health services and offered their help. Advancement of cooperation between Centre for mental health and the Association was on agenda.

The Association of visually impaired citizens celebrated the International women's day by meeting of members

Celebration of the International women's day, March 8th has long tradition in the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla. More than 50% members of this organization are women who are on the margine of society. Blind women do not have equal access to health services and information particular information about reproductive health and parenthood. They are often victims of violance in institutions and their own families far from sight of public.

Provided mobile magnifyer for partially sighted student

Due tosupport of Lions Club Tuzla and the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla, mobile magnifyer was provided for Benjamin Kovacevic, student of VI class of Primary school Husino. This enabling aid will help him in education and improvement accessibility to textbooks which was the problem from first class. Magnifyer was delivered at his school on March 4th 2015. PH Amela Teskeredzic from Lions Club Tuzla and Senada Salkic, master of special education from the Association attended to the event. Television of Tuzla canton made reportage for educational issue of Milestone.


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