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Organized internal chess tournament for interested Association's members

On January 10th, 2015 chess tournament for interested Association's members which has long tradition took place in the room of the Association. Due to unstable wether, only seven members participated. They played by Berger system, half an hour by player. The referee was Halid Dzindo from Tuzla. The winer was Mirsad Saracevic who has right to participate on chess championship for the blind of Federation BiH.


Every year, the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla celebrates the International day of persons with disability by organizing appropriate activities. 2014, on this important day, they invited representatives of city authorities, donors and coworkers who contributed Association's work. Representatives of city's authorities, educational institutions, media and non-governmental organizations met on one place. Achievements of the Association were summerised and they talked about problems and needs of blind persons.

The team of the Association took part on International tournament in audio darts in Visoko

On November 29 and 30, the Association of blind citizens from Visoko organized International tournament in audio darts for the blind. Nine teams from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina took part. Teams consisted from four members, two blind, two partially sighted. In the Association's team, which took third place were: Tima Music, Zlata Ibrahimovic, Mihovil Lucic and Ranko Kovacevic.

The group of students with and without disability from Tuzla took part on Children's parliament

Regarding to celebration of 25 anniversary of the Convention on Child rights, with help of UNICEF, Children's parliament took place 17 and 18 November 2014, in Sarajevo. The part of Children's parliament were students of primary and secondary schools, from age tvelve to eighteen with and without disability from whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the group of six students from Tuzla organized by the Association: Armin Babovic, Primary school Tusanj, Aziz Altumbabic, chemical school Tuzla, Fatma Bulic, Mechanical school Tuzla, Andrea Lucic, catholic school centre Sent Francis, Nadija Klevstad-Delic and Omar Dervisevic, High school Ismet Mujezinovic.

The International white cane day in Tuzla celebrated by street action

In cooperation with a Public comunal enterprise Komunalac Tuzla and teachers and students of Primary school Miladije, on October 15 regarding to the International white cane day, the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla organized a public event in order to point out to barriers blind person are confronted when moving around including branches, untidy hedge, earth and leaves on side walk, improperly parked cars, etc. The part of Klosterska street which is almost in the centre of the city is cleaned. While workers of communal enterprise cut branches, members of the Association, mainly children and youth and group of students from Primary school Miladije loaded it in the van and cleaned the street.

The event took attention of the media. On action preparation, which rain could not prevent worked the teacher Aleksandra Selimovic and Tifa Tucic with support of Nihad Bukvic from Public communal enterprise Komunalac. See the video here

Workshops with the topic of how to approach to blind persons continued in primary and secondary schools

Workshops with the topic of how to approach to blind persons for students and teachers of regular primary and secondary schools at the area of Tuzla canton became one of permanent activity of the Association. Workshops are organized on initiative of management of schools or the Association mainly at schools attended by blind and partially sighted students. It is a good way for advancement of knowledge about approach to blind persons and improvement of cooperation with schools. The content of workshops prepared and organized by Association's activists is made according to participant's age. Professionals are consulted when it is necessary.

Meeting of Association's members with students and teachers from Primary school Miladije on picnic

Primary school Miladije takes place in Tuzla. Cooperation of the Association with this school that lasts for many years resulted by wide range of common activities on behalf of the youngest members. New year event for blind and partially sighted children has become traditional. The teachers recorded textbooks for Vi class of primary school, which is very important if we take into account the problem of inaccessibility of literature for blind and partially sighted students in regular schools. The Association and school work together on celebration of the International white cane day, 15 October.

Workshop for teachers of secondari musical school of Tuzla

Teachers of secondary musical school of Tuzla showd interest for improvement their knowledge about approach to visually impaired persons in order to work with their blind student Almedina Hodzic easier. On their initiative, in cooperation with the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla, on September 8th 2014, workshop on above mentioned topic took place in their school. Selma Mesanovic, collaborator of pedagogical institution for inclusion took active part in preparation of workshop on which fifteen teachers took part.

By song and dance to the dreams

All children and adults have their dreams. The dream of a certain number of children with disability to sing and dance in public came true.

With support of Tuzla community foundation, Tuzla municipality and many sponsors, the Association of children with disability Rainbow organized festival of music and dance for children with disability By song and dance to the dreams on September the second 2014 in Bosnian and cultural centre in Tuzla. Representatives of association of persons with disability from Zenica, Bihac, Foca, Kalesija, Sapna, Gradacac, Tuzla and other towns from Bosnia and Herzegovina took part on festival.

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?lanovi Udruenje vide kao mjesto gdje se mogu okupljati, druiti i biti ono to jesu.Druenje ?etvrtkom poslije podne u Udruenju ima dugu tradiciju koja je prije nekoliko godina na neko vrijeme prekinuta. Na zadovoljstvo mnogih, prekid nije dugo trajao. Iz sedmice u sedmicu, druenje okuplja sve vie ?lanova.


31. jula 2014. bilo ih je vie od dvadeset. Nije ih sprije?ilo ni loe vrijeme a doli su i ?lanovi iz drugih gradova. Odre?en broj njih provodi vrijeme u igri pikada dok druga grupa dolazi kako bi se sreli i razmjenjivali iskustva. Prijatno iznena?enje priredila im je Zlata Ibrahimovi? koja je u povodu Bajrama napravila tortu za sve prisutne.


Pored ?lanova, na druenje dolaze i prijatelji Udruenja. Okupljanja su rezultirala sklapanjem mnogih prijateljstava me?u ?lanovima i druenjem izvan Udruenja.

Organized meeting with parents of blind and partially sighted students

The problem of access to education for blind and partially sighted students who attend regular primary and secondary schools at the area of Tuzla canton exists for many years. Laws on primary and secondary education at Tuzla canton, which regulates equal right to education for all don't mean much for mentioned group of students. The association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla made a certain steps that resultid positive movements, which is not enough if we consider complexity of the issue.


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