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The Association of visually impaired citizens organized ceremonial and regular session of its Assembly

Ceremonial session of the Assembly of the Association of visually impaired citizens took place on Aprile 12th, 2014, in the room of the National and University library Dervis Susic in Tuzla at ten oclock. The president of the Assembly Ilija Cvjetic presided. The only issue on the agenda was awarding letter of thanks to deserving institutions and individuals regarding to fifteenth anniversary of associations work and plaque as the biggest acknowledgement to Jasmin Imamovic, mayor of Tuzla according to the decision of the Commission for awards and acknowledgments.

Organized round table with the topic of Inclusion of blind students in education

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Within the project funded by the Ministry for education and science of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Parlament of citizensBanja Luka, on Aprile 10th, in Tuzla hotel, the Association of visually impaired citizens organized round table with the topic of Inclusion of blind students in education. Participants of the event were: Nadija Bandic, assistant of federal ministar for education, Fikret Vrtagic, adviser in the ministry for education of Tuzla canton, Suada Selimovic, from the ministry for social care of Tuzla canton, representatives of primary and secondary schools which attend blind students, parents, professors, assistants and students of the faculty for Education and rehabilitation department for visual impairment. Introductory presentation were given by PH Amela Teskeredzic from the department for visual impairment with the topic Role of education and rehabilitation professionals in inclusion of blind students and Tifa Tucic, executive manager of the Association of visually impaired citizens.

Meeting with dermatologist

While she was ministar of health in the Government of Tuzla canton, doctor Nermina Hadzigrahic has supported initiatives of the association including advancement of health services for women with disability, right to enabling aids for the blind etc. She participated in campaign of health protection of women with disability which the association implemented from September 2013 to February 2014.

Members of the association celebrated International women's day

Slavljenice Osmog martaCelebration of international and religious holydays is one of regular program activities of the association. Celebration of March eightth has long tradition.

On March sixth 2014, for all interested members the association organized celebration of International women's day. The event gathered up many members. Some of them who wanted to come were prevented by bad weather. Djuro Bakic and Ilija Cvijetic took care of music. All participants had dinner. You needed only good humor. All present enjoyed in the event.

The following volunteers are guilty for excellent organization of the event: Mihovil Lucic, Nerma Dzinic, Tima Music, Asmira Butkovic and Slobodan Lucic.
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Obiljeavanje me?unarodnih i vjerskih praznika jedna je od redovnih programskih aktivnosti udruenja. Proslava osmog marta ima dugu tradiciju koja ni ove godine nije prekinuta.

06. 03. 2014. za sve zainteresirane ?lanice u udruenju je organizirana proslava Me?unarodnog dana ena. Doga?aj je okupio veliki broj ?lanica. Mnoge koje su eljele do?i sprije?ilo je loe vrijeme. Za muziku su se pobrinuli ?uro Baki? i Ilija Cvijeti?. Za sve je obezbije?en zajedni?ki ru?ak. Bilo je potrebno sa sobom ponijeti dobro raspoloenje. Svi prisutni uivali su u druenju.

Za dobru organizaciju zasluni su: Mihovil Lu?i?, Nerma Dini?, Tima Musi?, Asmira Butkovi? i Slobodan Lu?i?.

Educational workshop with the topic how to approach to blind persons for students of second class of Gymnasium Mesa Selimovic

Members of the association and girls of high schoolMembers of the association and girls of high schoolThe Association works on raising awareness and breaking prejudices and stereotypes about blindness through out education. Within the project Small but important step towards equal opportunities for blind children funded by Tuzla municipality, 21 02 2014, they organized workshop with the topic how to approach blind person in Gymnasium Mesa Selimovic in Tuzla. Four students of second class visited the association two weeks before workshop, because they have a project from democracy with the topic education of blind people. They helped us to organize workshop in their class.

Recording textbooks in audio format

There are many laws and regulations in our country which are not implemented. Blind and partially sighted students, who attend primary and secondary ordinary schools at the area of Tuzla canton can feel it on their skin. Equal right to education for them is dead letter on the paper. The lack of textbooks in accessible technic is onli one of the problems they are confronted with. The ministry of Tuzla canton in charge do not respond to their needs properly, while the Centre for blind children and youth from Sarajevo requests 300 KM for borrowing textbooks in Braille by student for school year. It is a way of blackmailing of students and their families from this educational institution because they decided to attend ordinary instead of special schools. By depriving them Braille textbooks, they violate right to free primary education.

Director of the library for blind and partially sighted visited the association

Visit the library directorOn January 10th, 2014, director of the Library for blind and partially sighted persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sakib Pleh visited the Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla. Visit is organized regarding to celebration of the International Braille letter day January 4th. The topic of meeting was accessibility of books in Braille and audio format. Director informed representatives of the association about possibilities which librery offers them as users including influence on annual publishing plan. He expressed his readyness to replace all dammaged CD with audio books in the department of library for the blind in Tuzla.


book PromotionThe Association of visually impaired citizens of Tuzla works on promotion of blind persons abilities which is a good way for elimination of prejudices present in any society. On January 10th, 2014, at 12 h, with help of Library for blind and partially sighted persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in National library in Tuzla, regarding to the International Braille letter day, promotion of the book What do you see when you see me of Vehbija Peksin, phisycal therapist and therapist of Rosen method was organized. The promotion gathered representatives of the ministry for education, science, culture and sport of Tuzla canton, representatives of the Faculty for education and rehabilitation and many members of the association.

The youngest members of the association celebrated New year

Najmladji ?lanovi na druzenjuOn December 30 2013 the Association of visually impaired citizens organized New year celebration for the youngest members. Majority accepted invitation because they were on holyday. While some of them played darts others listened to the music and talked.

As each year, mayor of Tuzla municipality, Jasmin Imamovic provided New year's presents for all of them.

Organized traditional celebration of New year's and Christmas holidays

Holiday spirit in Croatian homeIn our daily life, all of us need relaxation and fun. Events which members visit with pleasure are good opportunity for this.

On December 28th 2013, the Association of visually impaired citizens organized celebration of New year's and Christmas holidays for its members. Over 60 members from Tuzla, Kalesija, Gradacac, Srebrenik and Sapna participated. They brought high amount of positive energy. More and more response shows that similar events should be organized oftener.


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